Not only because innovation, as is often said, is the most important driver of development, but above all because all human life, as long as it is life, has an inherent capacity to innovate.


It is easy to talk about quality of service when we refer to cab companies that operate internationally with an enviable infrastructure in the sense of their reach and economic capacity in the market. However, Faceedoor uses a unique and improved system, based on the idea of guaranteeing a pleasant trip to its clients, and security to its collaborators, which we have achieved by identifying the errors and injustices that reign in the competition.

We guarantee our clients total transparency in our services by making available to them the information we collect, including through the methods that accompany it: security settings, device authorizations, rating pages in the application that show alternatives, etc. Even Faceedoor has the commitment of not retaining any document or personal information of the user, whether collaborator or customer on our platform, but we use the services of other companies such as Strip to handle with greater security and rigorousness the information of our users.

In addition, it should be noted that the payment method used in our platform is based on the Cashless payment system, as we have indicated on several occasions Faceedoor uses the services of the Strip platform to ensure individual payments of each of our partners, since they will be responsible for regularizing the immediate payments of each of our partners, and at the same time the payments of customers on the platform.

There is nothing more innovative – and unique, unrepeatable, inimitable – than a new human life. We stop innovating when we allow something profoundly human to die or live dormant: the spirit that encourages creativity, change and transformation.Innovation is generally seen as the best strategy to achieve better results, in a broad sense, to improve the life of a community, a country, a society. In the business world, innovation is synonymous with competitiveness and survival.
  1. Faceedoor Both approaches are true. However, I prefer to see innovation as the best response to life, to the challenge of livingI: say the best answer, because in fact there are many possible answers; the most common is to look to the past or to look outside ourselves, which basically answer the same question: What have others done? This temptation is inevitable in developing countries. And not only in developing countries.
  2. Innovation requires absolute confidence in human beings, and specifically in their ideas: in the power of an idea, because, as Victor Hugo said, “it is not machines but ideas that drive and drag the world forward”.
  3. Innovation is the best answer to the challenge of living, he said: As the Dutch proverb reminds us: “When the winds of a storm blow, some run for shelter and others build windmills”. Innovation is first and foremost a response: to a need, to a goal, to a gift and to a breath of the spirit. There is no life without the spirit, and without the spirit there can be no creativity and, consequently, no innovation.
  4. Innovation in the maximum sense is concentrated in a newborn, and it, like it: requires care and attention. How to make innovation grow and give impetus to it? In several ways:
  •  By listening to the pulse of society, the needs of the communities, the market and the territory.
  • By financing: good training and good innovation often require large sums of money.
  •  Changing the mentality, removing prejudices and overcoming fears (comfort zones) and resistance to change.
  •  With a correct conceptualization of technology
  •  Encouraging public-private networks and initiatives.
  • Generating real value to the market
  •  Incorporating innovation promotion and management methodologies in culture, education and organizations.
  •  Changing traditional ways of working and understanding failure.
  • And, of course, believing and trusting in people.

Therefore, in order to promote innovation, a change of mentality is essential, an evolution of the current culture: if we want to generate transformation, we cannot continue thinking and acting in the same way. And this kind of change is understandably scary.Changing ideas and beliefs is not like changing cars or nail polish.

Any change that affects the spirit, that involves a profound transformation, requires a very large dose of hope. I see innovation as a way of recovering hope for a world that is visibly in decline if we look at the state of decay in which the planet finds itself.Therefore, we are not just facing a circumstantial fact, a fad, because there is a lot at stake.

I agree with Schumpeter: “Implicit in the nature of innovations is the vertigo of undertaking great changes in order to make great leaps. The best way for a nation to project itself better in the future is to assume that only by innovating can it catch up with the most prosperous countries”.

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