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Sign up to drive with us and get more out of your time behind the wheel. Generating from a80% up to 105% profit.


First-The application will generate codes whichwill convert in permanent member of the application the first code to be used is the word (always).This code has a value of 1% within the application.

This code will be valid during the application Determine it only (Faceedooe).Therefore all those registered under the code mentioned above they will have a permanent membership within the application with the value mentioned above certain requirements apply under this code and under the membership as an investor of the application (Faceeroor-Driver).


1-membership will be permanent Being sold to a third party but it can be transferred to the company of (faceedoor) according to the value found in the marketAt that moment.

2- Drivers under that membership will have to work 40 hours a week minimum with the application on If you don’t meet those requirements you could lose your membership, yes for health or family reasonswill need stay offline forsome time not maximum 12 months you must notify directly to the enterprise.


3-  membership may be legally transferred only to certain relativesThese are wife, husband, sonThe spouses will have to be married under the law in force in the state where they already reside.


4-At the time the person registers as a driver using the code above, the company is already accepting him as investor of the company However, the person who is already a member of the company under this code has to submit to the regulations of the company and at the same time work together with the company for its growth, which the company will require. a minimum of five drivers Under your code that will generate the applicationAs some of the requirements that those fives will be needed to be part and member of the company drivers who will be Under your code will generate 5% each to the driver.


The 5% has already generated could be permanent within the application as long as the drivers are under the code at all times therefore the person or drivers who have other Drivers below your code could permanently generate your 5% in the company until the company decides to make some kind of change during the future of the company as sole and absolute owner of the company. (faceedoor.L.L.C) .


faceedoor.L.L.C All rights are reserved to change or modify in the company any changes without prior notification

More income

Earn more with trip after trip, driving in high demand places and get tips for your excellent service.

An app for you

With our app, it’s easy to be your own boss. You will always know the payment method and the destination of each trip, the total number of trips and the connection hours.

The best passengers

Drive for the best, take professionals from the more than 50,000 companies that already travel with us.

Our drivers affirm that Faceedoor is the safest mobility app on the market.

We always show the identity of the passengers and all trips are geolocated. We want you to drive with the safety you deserve.

Receive your income on a regular basis and know the exact amount you will earn for each trip made. We are a solid and transparent company.


Faceedoor connects female and male drivers with private users and companies. With the aim of making cities better places to live, we have created a sustainable business model offering self-employment opportunities to hundreds of thousands of people in the United States.

Utilizamos toda la información disponible del viaje para esclarecer cualquier posible incidencia. Por eso geolocalizamos los viajes e identificamos a los pasajeros. Además, así evitamos que usuarios con comportamientos inapropiados puedan volver a usar la plataforma.


You must have the minimum age required to drive in your city, have a vehicle that meets the established requirements and send the necessary documents, such as a valid driver’s license or a certificate of not having a criminal or sexual record.

Once you are a driver, you just have to log in with your email and password and connect. In a very short time you will receive travel requests from the passengers closest to your position and the origin and destination points to which you have to go will be clearly shown.

We are with you

We have several contact channels to answer your questions. For quick inquiries, you can visit our help center or chat with an agent and, in an emergency, you can also call us by phone.

For your safety, our protection measures against COVID-19 include:

Insulating partitions

A division that protects you and the passenger, reducing contact between seats.

Masks on board

To take care of you and those who travel with you.

Hydroalcoholic gel

To clean your hands between each trip and offer it to your passengers when they arrive at their destination.

Disinfectant solution

To sanitize the vehicle cabin and the areas of greatest contact.

With gloves at the wheel

To isolate your hands while in the car.

Aware passengers

All your passengers will take precautions to avoid risks during the journeys.